Carbon Fiber Pole Spear
Carbon Fiber Pole Spear
Carbon Fiber Pole Spear

Speargun Spearfishing Carbon Fiber Pole Spear 4FT Hand Gaff Harpoon Travel Fishing Hawaiian Sling Polespear

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颜色: Black


尺寸: 120cm

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Material: stainless steel tip ,Carbon Fibre pole
Weight: 300g
Whole Length: 4 FT
Diameter: 7mmfor fork ,16mm for pole
We can laser your name on the pole free of charge ,just leave me a message .
60 degree barb
Heat treated Sharp tip

spear pole

The product is composed of detachable sections, we also can make the length of a single secretion75+45cm which is convenient for storage and easy to carry out.
The product has a plastic cover, which can protect you from harm. If you want a fishing harpoon with a lanyard, this one would be a perfect choice.
The pole made of Carbon Fibre,it has high strength and is more is very light .Easy to carry .
This tip made by very special stainless steel .It was Heat treated stainless steel ,it is very hard , the hardness is achieve45,Not easily bent or out of shape. It can use for many times .
The fork made of stainless steel
We also can OEM more longer pole ,it will take more days for delivery .Just tell us .
(The size of thepole is manually measured, with slight errors+-0.3cm, please refer to the actual product.)
Advantages of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber composite materials have higherfishing fatigue strength, with the fatigue strength of steel and aluminum being 30-50% of the tensile strength, while carbon fiber composite materials can reach 70-80%

The significant characteristics of carbon fiber are light weight, good fiber size, and high tensile strength, as well as the combination of temperature resistance, wear resistance, and low expansion coefficient.

1. Carbon fiber materials have high strength. The tensile strength of carbon fiber materials is above 3500MPa. 

2. The modulus of carbon fiber materials is high. The elastic modulus of carbon fiber materials can reach over 230GPa.

3. Carbon fiber materials have low density and high specific strength. The weight of carbon fiber is 1/4 that of steel and 1/2 that of aluminum alloy. Carbon fiber materials have a strength 16 times greater than steel and 12 times greater than aluminum alloy.

4. Carbon fiber materials can withstand ultra-high temperatures. Under non oxidizing atmosphere conditions, carbon fibers can be used at 2000 degrees Celsius and will not melt or soften at a high temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius.

5. Carbon fiber materials have good low-temperature resistance. It can still be used at temperatures over 100 degrees below zero.

6. Carbon fiber materials have good acid resistance. Carbon fiber materials can withstand corrosion from media such as concentrated hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, benzene, acetone, etc.

7. Carbon fiber material has small coefficient of thermal expansion and large thermal conductivity. So carbon fiber materials can withstand rapid cooling and heating.

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Black, red


120cm, 150cm